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LiquidX Launches the First of its Kind, Platform-Agnostic Middle- and Back-Office Trade Finance Solution

LiquidX TradeHub launch

New York, NY – May 2, 2023LiquidX, the leading global fintech platform for digitization, monetization, and risk mitigation for trade finance, has introduced an industry-first, platform agnostic trade finance hub, allowing any party to consolidate its trade finance programs into a singular view. This new suite of products enables financial institutions to drive better business through digitization tech that fuels efficiency, with up to 50 percent savings and seamless achievement of higher operating margins.

“With InBlock, LiquidX is bringing the future of digitization, portfolio management, and business process optimization to the trillion-dollar trade finance industry, today,” said Jim Toffey, CEO of LiquidX. “We recognized that simplifying the way businesses approach scaling, mitigating risk and transparency would make a world of difference in growth capabilities. Digitization is the path forward, and our InBlock solution is a fundamental industry game changer.”

The InBlock suite of products takes a focused, streamlined approach towards digitization, visibility management, monitoring, and scalability. The comprehensive platform was built to power clients to do better business with partners, banks, and asset managers across advanced technology, positioning LiquidX as the primary Saas solution to enable each of its partners to meet peak performance. 

InBlock features three core products to maximize efficiency, liquidity, and forecasting, while providing access to real-time information to make smarter investment, risk and compliance decisions. Introducing:

  • TradeHub: the market’s first ever real-time, comprehensive middle-office digital solution for all positions and transactions, allowing any party – regardless of the trade platform it currently employs – to consolidate its trade finance programs into a singular view. TradeHub enables users to aggregate data across various investment programs and platforms, regardless of the origination source, into a live dashboard. This data-rich access to positioning and risk, informing a thoughtful approach to client management and transactions.
  • Trade: a comprehensive software platform solution built to originate and distribute transactions. This linear ecosystem enables banks and financial institutions to sell an AR/AP platform to their corporate customers to either build their own system, white label, or co-sell with another platform.
  • TradeOps: is the first and only complete solution to outsource middle- and back-office trade finance functions. InBlock TradeOps combines the most advanced technology of LiquidX and the world class outsourcing capabilities of Broadridge to deliver a turnkey solution that connects the entire ecosystem to put actionable, accurate data at a business’ fingertips. As the first complete solution to focus on eliminating all the operational challenges that typically plague the industry, TradeOps is the only true end-to-end BPO solution for trade finance.

TradeOps is an advanced reconciliation engine paired with AI tools for automation, taking the accuracy of reconciliation to the highest level achievable. Through TradeOps, access to LiquidX’s InMatch application is accessible, and it is available as either part of the TradeOps platform or can be employed on its own.

Since its inception, LiquidX has evolved into the market’s only single-source, comprehensive solution for empowering clients’ entire, holistic trade finance business. By bundling the entire ecosystem into a singular platform, middle- and back-office functionality is optimized and efficiency is maximized. Technology at this level will take clients into the future of trade finance.


About LiquidX – A leading global technology company, LiquidX enables finance professionals to transact more efficiently by digitizing their trade finance and working capital management. Headquartered in New York with offices across the globe, LiquidX delivers the industry-leading ecosystem for working capital optimization to its diverse network of global participants, including corporations, banks, institutional investors, and insurance providers. LiquidX’s technology greatly enhances transparency, reporting and forecasting for financial professionals. To learn more about LiquidX’s next generation solutions please visit the company’s newly revamped website: