Accelerate your digital agenda and maximize working capital

Our next-generation products for Corporate treasury create the first digital ecosystem for real-time origination, transaction management, and analysis of working capital assets. InBlock accelerates your treasury’s digital agenda by digitizing purchase orders and invoices to give shared visibility and eliminate the manual processes associated with tracking, managing, and reconciling these assets. InBlock offers four modules that are integrated through APIs: Order Management, Invoice Management, InMatch for reconciliation, and Cash Forecasting.

To further optimize the treasurer’s working capital, we offer a holistic suite of working capital solutions including selling Accounts Receivable, Supply Chain Financing, and buying Trade Credit Insurance through our industry leading LiquidX 360 platform. We’ve built a Position & Risk Monitor (PaRM) to empower your corporate with real-time analytics to monitor the aggregate treasury portfolio and optimally allocate risk.

Improve cash position through off-balance sheet financing and extension of supplier payment terms.

Enhance your cash forecasting by bringing supply chain into a real-time digital environment.

Leverage real-time data to gain an accurate view of your trade finance portfolio.

Automate inefficient processes and tasks in the order-to-cash cycle.

Eliminate bilateral agreements with our streamlined structure for reduced legal fees and risk.


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Power your business with our industry-leading technology.

We’ve built the most comprehensive and best-in-class set of technology solutions for origination and distribution of trade finance assets, streamlining bank processes from purchase order to monetization. Combined with our partner Broadridge, we power your bank to provide working capital solutions to corporate clients in Accounts Receivable, Supply Chain Finance, and Trade Credit Insurance in a single, intuitive interface.

Through our experience serving global banks we’ve developed a flexible product offering to best serve your needs. Our white-label offering, the LiquidX Partner Program (LPP), eliminates the barriers to entry for launching a full service trade finance business through our turn-key solution automating front, middle, and back-office processes. For banks with existing trade finance infrastructure we can deploy individual modules of LiquidX 360 or InBlock, allowing you to transact with your clients in a private, branded environment.

Win business and enhance relationships with solutions in Accounts Receivable, Supply Chain Finance, and Trade Credit Insurance.

Reduce operational and legal cost up to 50% through the automation of front, middle, and back office processes.

Leverage Broadridge’s expertise in operational support and cash management to scale your business.

Originate assets with corporate clients and distribute risk across the LiquidX funder network.

White-label our technology to offer our leading-edge technology directly to corporate clients.


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Invest in trade finance assets with efficiency and flexibility.

By joining our platform, fund managers access trade finance assets with the same level of transparency and ease as with commercial paper. We built LiquidX 360 to enable institutional investors to fund trade finance assets in a single platform and a single legal agreement, plus seamless bundling with trade credit insurance to meet required yield and risk profile.

For investors with no prior trade finance investing experience, we work with clients to develop a customized portfolio (based on yield, rating profile, geography, etc.) which meets their risk-adjusted return hurdles. Investors can leverage our platform resources to implement strategies with minimal-to-no additional capacity or headcount needed.

Access trade finance investment opportunities with same transparency and ease as commercial paper.

Develop customized trade finance portfolio with our team of experts to meet goals around yield, geography, and jurisdiction.

Bundle investments with Trade Credit Insurance to satisfy necessary risk requirements.


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Join the first digital trade finance and credit insurance ecosystem.
Connect with your policyholders and brokers through the LQX ecosystem for unprecedented visibility into the transactions you cover. Transact quickly and easily with your existing clients, capturing important data, and put capacity front and center for new participants in the trade finance and credit insurance market. Link your own underwriting systems to our platform to reduce many administrative steps associated with new applications and submissions for cover, letting underwriters focus on the important task at hand – underwriting!

There is no additional cost to join and transact on the Platform; standard commission rates apply.

Choose which Insured Parties you want to trade with to enable your clients to submit quotes quickly and easily.

Upload your own filed policy wording, or use policy wordings previously agreed with clients.


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Maximize strategic impact for clients with an end-to-end trade finance and insurance solution.

LiquidX digitizes the lifecycle of a transaction to streamline all interactions between your clients and carriers for greater transparency and smarter processes. Focus on revenue generating activities such as origination, business development and relationship management. Capture data associated with client activity to optimize business intelligence to maximize results in the market.

Strengthen client service by offering next-generation digital insurance products.

Mitigate E&O risk and streamline your workflow through automation.

Track and analyze payment actions and limit exposures through LiquidX’s Position & Risk Monitor.


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