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Portfolio Management & Risk Mitigation

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Position & Risk Management

Proactively manage your trade finance portfolio.

The first complete, platform-agnostic, real-time, front- and middle- office digital solution for all your positions and transactions.

Aggregate positions from various banks and platforms in a real-time dashboard.

Normalize Data from any Source

Risk, Compliance and Exposure to any platform

Real-Time Compliance Verification, KYC, ESG Checks

See & Filter Every Invoice, Credit Position

Understand Current and Project Future Exposure

Our TradeHub allows customers to aggregate their data across various investment programs and platforms, regardless of the origination source.

Create holistic views of your exposures relative to your unique risk constraints. The automation of reconciliation processes allows our engine to digitally match invoices, remittance advice, and payments.

TradeHub is fully configurable to your requirements with bespoke cross sections for your business. Data is accessible to stakeholders across the bank in order to make real-time, data driven decisions.

You can set up customized feeds and reports for unprecedented insights into insured and uninsured portfolios.

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Huntington Bank needed to automate back office constraints that came with managing program participation from multiple banks


The LiquidX platform digitized all reports to standardize detail, customizable reporting and automated invoice reconciliation. This removed back office constraints to significantly increase the number of programs originated and participated.

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Your Online
InsurTech Platform

LiquidX, the pioneer in the digitization of credit insurance, offers the only integrated Insurtech platform serving the entire credit insurance ecosystem.

InBlock Digital Policy Management leverages smart contract technology, AI, and machine learning allowing market participants to reduce risk, reduce costs, while increasing efficiency, transparency, and scale through automation.

If you are a broker, carrier, asset manager, bank, or corporate, we have the solution for you.

Delivering Automation and Efficiency Across the Trade Credit Insurance Ecosystem

Turn your policies from a static lifeless stack of paper into a dynamic, real time risk management tool.

InBlock Digital Policy Management offers unparalleled insight and transparency with the tools necessary to manage your insured portfolio in one centralized platform.

Insured parties, such as banks, finance companies,
asset managers, or corporates can:
Digitize any credit insurance policy
Link the invoices the policy covers
Auto-verify eligibility & account debtor authenticity
Monitor ongoing performance & eligibility
Automate policy management & compliance requirements
Mitigate operational risk

Increase client stickiness by discontinuing the use of third party systems and direct your clients to your own secure branded portal.

Provide your clients real-time access to policy information while automating policy management and compliance requirements.

By partnering with LiquidX you can:
Increase revenues with refocused time and effort
Mitigate errors and omissions risk
Reduce operating costs while increasing efficiency
Capture actionable data

Direct all client traffic into a single-stop branded environment where users can make new requests, manage ongoing deals, and view completed transactions.

Maximize speed to market and client-engagement with tools that drive traffic to your platform, with:
Post appetite and pricing for specific opportunities
Market available capacity to a defined distribution list of clients
Formal quotes to individual users to bring them into your platform