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Real Digitization: Turning Paper Into Data

January 18, 2023|LiquidX

In an industry that is built on solutions, it is important to consider the power of true digitization and its ability to revolutionize efficiency and maximize business fortitude and resilience.

Broadridge and LiquidX Launch InBlock TradeOps to Provide Additional Scale and Flexibility to Trade Finance

January 10, 2023|LiquidX

LiquidX announces its new business process outsourcing (BPO) service, InBlock TradeOps, in partnership with Broadridge Financial Solutions

Accelerating Receivables: Defending Against Market Turbulence

November 29, 2022|LiquidX

Collecting payments faster helps bring immediate liquidity into the business, accelerating cash flow, improving reserves and company resilience. Additionally, it can be structured for beneficial treatment by achieving off balance-sheet status.

LiquidX & Broadridge – Creating a Frictionless Experience with Digitization

November 8, 2022|LiquidX

Jim Toffey, CEO of LiquidX, and Chris Perry, President of Broadridge, discuss how digitization is changing the game when it comes to global supply chain management.

The Temperature of Corporate Treasury

November 2, 2022|LiquidX

LiquidX held a panel at Eurofinance 2022 with industry experts to discuss recent industry trends, and how they have been directly impacted by fintech solutions for corporates worldwide.

Huntington National Bank selects LiquidX as strategic supply chain finance provider

November 2, 2022|Huntington National Bank

Huntington National Bank announced today it has selected LiquidX to provide an automated, end-to-end back-office solution to scale its trade finance infrastructure.

LiquidX Sees Record Growth in 2022, Trade Volume Grows Over 130%

October 17, 2022|LiquidX

LiquidX announces a more than 130% increase in trade volume in the first three quarters of 2022, compared to the first three quarters of 2021.

Tackling Inflation and Rising Costs with Supply Chain Support

October 11, 2022|LiquidX

In today’s economic environment, companies of all sizes are feeling pressure from inflation in its different forms – particularly when it comes to energy prices and the rising cost of finance.

LiquidX & Broadridge – Bringing Digitization to the Forefront with a Turnkey Solution

September 20, 2022|LiquidX

Chris Perry, President of Broadridge Financial Solutions and Jim Toffey, CEO at LiquidX, discuss the challenges, opportunities and current realities of digitization in trade finance and working capital.

GTR Asia 2022 Panel: Fueling Recovery For the Mid-market Segment

September 15, 2022|LiquidX

Learn what the experts have to say about instilling resiliency in mid-market organizations and building efficiency in a post-pandemic world.


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