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LiquidX & Broadridge – Bringing Digitization to the Forefront with a Turnkey Solution

September 20, 2022|LiquidX

Chris Perry, President of Broadridge Financial Solutions and Jim Toffey, CEO at LiquidX, discuss the challenges, opportunities and current realities of digitization in trade finance and working capital.

Levelling the Trade Finance Playing Field

August 30, 2022|LiquidX

Small to medium enterprises often don’t have the same internal resources of their larger competitors, leading to a gap in the race for customers’ interest and attention.

How Digitization Is Transforming Trade Credit Insurance

August 15, 2022|LiquidX

The financial aspects B2B trade can be complicated, and trade credit insurance is no exception. The process of requesting, securing, and managing policies is manual, complex, and difficult to streamline.

New UCC Amendments Move Digital Assets Into the Mainstream

August 9, 2022|LiquidX

Over the past decade, the most popular buzzword in business has been “digitization.” As emerging technologies continue to take hold, there is a clear need to implement systems that make it easier to manage and exchange digital assets – including those relating to trade finance.

New FASB Rules Will Promote Increased Supply Chain Finance Transparency

July 28, 2022|LiquidX

Over the past decade, supply chain finance has gained in popularity. Despite this, the solution has remained relatively opaque to the many in the financial community.

First Abu Dhabi Bank P J S C partners with LiquidX Trade Finance Platform to deliver best-in-industry digital experience to international clients

July 25, 2022|First Abu Dhabi Bank

LiquidX, a global leader in working capital, trade finance and insurance technology, today announced it has partnered with First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) to further expand its global funder network.

Bring Digitization to Your Back Office

July 21, 2022|LiquidX

Banks and financial institutions of all sizes are jumping on the digitization wave after witnessing the value that digital solutions provide.

Automating Reconciliation Through Digital Transformation

July 7, 2022|LiquidX

InBlock’s digitization engine automatically reconciles chargebacks, rebates and other remittance advice to speed cash forecasting and application.

Automating Chargebacks and Rebates through Digital Transformation

July 1, 2022|LiquidX

Managing credit and collections is difficult, but in the pharmaceutical industry, managing chargebacks and rebates adds an additional layer of complexity that other industries simply don’t have.

Bringing Digitization to Your Supply Chain

June 27, 2022|LiquidX

InBlock from LiquidX integrates with ERPs to bring turn-key digitization through the supply chain to optimize working capital.


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