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LiquidX Partner Program

Grow Your Business, Reduce Cost, and De-Risk with Scalable Solutions

Designed to work with your name, your brand and your customers, the LiquidX Partner Program enables you to use our technology, framework and settlement infrastructure to privately transact with your clients.

Scale Business Efficiently
  • Automate workflows to manage and process AR & AP trading and Reconciliation
  • Quickly implement with configurable global user access enablement
  • Focus on origination activities rather than operations support
Reduce Cost / Operational Stability
  • Inject geographic stability and resiliency to support your growing business
  • Automate trade finance operational processes heavy with manual tasks
  • Leverage scale of Broadridge infrastructure to support business back-office needs
Manage Risk
  • Receive real-time visibility into all aspects of your portfolio
  • Insure and distribute assets to cover and reduce exposure
  • Use credit limit management and invoice validation for facility compliance

LiquidX Tech Platform +
Broadridge Operational Expertise

Innovative end-to-end technology for trade finance automation backed by a fintech giant’s business process outsourcing for operational scale.

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