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Current Opportunities

Principal Developer for Liquid X and InBlock
Principal Developer for Liquid X and InBlock
Location: Boston

The Role and Mindset:

Liquid X is seeking to hire a Principal Developer (PD) capable of designing, architecting and developing world-class code along a full stack across clouds (AWS, IBM and Azure). The individual will serve in a senior capacity as an individual contributor who focuses on development and architecture in the most sophisticated and complex streams of work in our blockchain-based marketplace trading platform. The role is suited for top technical talent focused on engineering and problem solving… it is for those who love hands-on coding.

Over his/her career the PD will have run the gamut of roles in the development lifecycle and has evolved from developer to technical architect and now operates as both architect (20-30%) and developer (70-80%). However, the individual should be able to serve as, if necessary, purely a Principal level architect (100%) working either on one or across a range of projects or as a pure developer (100% hands-on coding) of exceptionally unique engineering solutions. The PD would need to come up to speed and distill the architectural design-focused work from development and then run with a full analysis, options generation and recommendations on a SCRUM/project team.

The PD would, if necessary, based on priority, be able to jump in and work with the rest of the team on a development stream whereby he/she would implement those recommendations. The level of expertise and experience is at a level that would be able to operate across technology/projects and be relatively agnostic to specific technology selections. The successful candidate will have delivered multiple architectures ranging from trading to real-time web and/or other platforms/form factors. Architecture at this level is expected to included best practices for the type of design (ie, serverless/lambda/functions, etc.). The candidate would be familiar with best design patterns for various architectural designs that lead to highly scalable, high performant, secure and ‘expiration-resistant’ designs.


• Core Responsibility is ‘simply’ to build exceptional software in a highly rewarding and strategically differentiated environment while operating at the most seasoned and senior levels in a pure technology development team. The role has the breadth of responsibility to look at designing and building the end-to-end type services that drive our next generation unified platform. The individual would work to deliver the best solution possible and support your team members and the drive the mission of the overall organization to revolutionize markets through digitization and automation of trade finance.

• Serving as a senior technical subject matter expert in application development. This includes owning the end-to-end delivery of assigned blocks of work and also the more abstract activities required to craft sophisticated solutions at the level of technical/infrastructure complexity at which our team works/operates. The PD will be able to keep up and challenge other team members in technical solutions and/or analytical mindset such that complete and extremely well crafted and thoughtful solutions have been collaboratively build with the technology team.


The PD has a clear track record of delivering over the span of his/her career by building exceptional applications across a multitude of technologies and architectures that support mission critical applications for tier 1 global clients. The PD is sufficiently seasoned that the slight nuances and subtleties between tools/languages are well understood however the PD is most focused on crafting unique solutions that offer quick turn around delivery cycles coupled with scalability, extensibility and the absolutely essential flexibility of a unified platform. While we at Liquid X are using a range of these technologies right now we are making technology decisions that may include some of the following and also others that are new and/or excluded from this list.

• Front-end/Web SPA-Experiences: Angular 6, Typescript, React, JQuery, other JS frames but Angular is essential and deepest (ideally with React as a fast-follow) in 2020. Various libraries and open-source add-ons are essential to designing and building a highly flexible and scalable web framework that is coupled to a fine-grained entitlements system.
• Mid-Tier/App: Lambda/Azure functions in a serverless cloud application coupled with traditional VM’s running .NET/C# and/or Java/Javascript/NodeJS. Other mid-tier services include: Hyperledger, Corda, Quorum, Ethereum, Mulesoft, Camel, Informatica, Dapper, Entity Frame, etc..
• Data Tier: Postgres / SQL Azure with deep relational skills and also No SQL/Doc Database such as Mongo, Couchbase, Cosmos, Aurora, etc… Other high performance data solutions such as Memcache, Reddis, etc… and other use-case specific data stores such as Azure blob and/or AWS blob stores.
• Cloud Services: AWS Lambda, Azure Fabric/Logic Apps, Azure Logic Apps, IBM Hyperledger Fabric, various IaaS/PaaS/Saas (cloud messaging, claims-based authentication services such as Azure AD and AWS Cognito as well as other open auth platforms (JWT, Okta, etc.)
• Dev Tools & Devops: Create intelligent and adaptable release scripts and configurations for use everywhere from local development through dev/qa CI and into production using any combination of Chef, Maven, Munin, Ant, Fabric or shell scripts driven by Jenkins. Others such as Git, Ops Genie, Jetbrains, Bash/Shell scripts, PHP, Python, Visual Studio, TeamCity, Octo Deploy, Sonarqube, etc…

Cultural Alignment:

• The technology team is very ‘mission-based’ and the team chemistry is strong in how we commit to getting work done and support each other. Our team is flat and all team members are highly seasoned/experienced and have a high level of commitment/work ethic. Hence, the term ‘Moving at Liquid X speed’… and this comes with certain intensity expectations and rewards at the individual personal level, the professional level and finally in terms of performance compensation.

• Work hard play hard: We also enjoy team bonding activities and going out on a limb to take on some extraordinary after-hours adventures and weekday as well as weekend fun.

• Individual contributors: We focus on building teams comprised of exceptionally talented individual who love to build product—that could be data scientist, developer, architect, devops guru, data modeler, agile alchemist or chaincoder. All roles are about absolute top-notch excellence and delivering top quality product/work… in return, team chemistry, bonds and an exceptional work environment is generated. Personalities of all types are welcome as our team is highly adaptive and we enjoy and value most those talents and characteristics that are diverse as they are fantastic and stimulating in engineers and problem solvers. Again, the team chemistry is very strong and the personalities range vastly but all well aligned to building culture and the sense of team, commitment and accountability.
After joining the team you can look forward to…
• A fast-paced fintech environment filled with people who are passionate to revolutionize a wide variety of financial/insurance markets.

• Top-talent technologists who love to engineer amazing software leveraging the latest and greatest technologies but of greater importance is the sharing of knowledge between highly talented team members. You will be hard pressed to find a more intellectual and sharing group of technologists. With that comes high expectations to keep the team cranking and maintaining top level of excellence with fast paced delivery cycles.

• Technology and Product off-sites that enable and support innovation, getting a healthy amount of your ‘geek’ out with other team members, having working sessions to exercise your creativity and build some very cool capabilities.

• Training programs that offer and extend the career growth of each engineering team member. Each team member will craft a career and technical growth plan with the CTO that aligns to grow the team member’s knowledge and also builds an overall holistic technology capability for the team that benefits the product development organization.

• Exceptional benefits and a culture that pays for performance and allows top-talent individual contributors to be properly rewarded for amazing excellence of engineering solutions. In many organizations top engineers give up the hands-on development to pursue careers of greater compensation. Here, we believe in rewarding unbelievable talent at the individual level and want to create an environment where you can go as wide and deep as your technology passion takes you.

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Product Associate / Business Analyst

Job Summary:

–         Primary Location: United States, New York, New York

–         Education: Bachelor’s Degree, preferably Finance, Economics, Computer Science/Engineering, Math

–         Job Function: Product Associate / Business Analyst

–         Team: Global Product Team with Coverage of all Traded Asset Classes

–         Schedule: Full-time

–         Shift: Day Job

–         Employee Status: Full-time

–         Travel Time: less than 5%(domestically)


Company Description

LiquidX is a high-growth New York headquartered fintech start-up empowering corporates and banks to transact more efficiently for short term credit transactions. The firm currently facilitates over $1bn in transaction volumes a month. The LiquidX network is made up of large corporations, banks, asset managers, hedge funds, insurance carriers and insurance brokers. With the addition of Blockchain technology and Trade Credit Insurance, LiquidX is setup for rapid growth in 2020. LiquidX is headquartered in New York with Singapore serving as Asia Pacific & Middle East headquarters.



Industry: Capital Markets

Company size: 40 – 75 employees

Headquarters: New York, NY

Type: Privately Held

Founded: 2016


Job Description – Product Associate / Business Analyst

LiquidX is seeking a Product Associate / Business Analyst who would support the NY office across multiple products including trade finance, credit insurance, supply chain and our blockchain-enabled digital asset platform, InBlock. 

You will work alongside other associates / business analysts and be a member of the Global Product team. Your main tasks will include performing detailed requirements analysis, documenting processes, and performing some user acceptance testing. To succeed in this role, you should have a natural analytical way of thinking and be able to explain difficult concepts to non-technical users.


Product Associate / Business Analyst Detailed Responsibilities:

  • Evaluating business processes, anticipating requirements, uncovering areas for improvement, and developing and implementing solutions.
  • Leading ongoing reviews of business processes and developing optimization strategies.
  • Staying up-to-date on the latest process and IT advancements to automate and modernize systems.
  • Conducting meetings and presentations to share ideas and findings.
  • Performing requirements analysis.
  • Documenting and communicating the results of your efforts.
  • Effectively communicating your insights and plans to cross-functional team members and management.
  • Gathering critical information from meetings with various stakeholders and producing useful reports.
  • Working closely with clients, technicians, and managerial staff.
  • Providing leadership, training, coaching, and guidance to junior staff.
  • Allocating resources and maintaining cost efficiency.
  • Ensuring solutions meet business needs and requirements.
  • Performing user acceptance testing.
  • Managing projects, developing project plans, and monitoring performance.
  • Updating, implementing and maintaining procedures.
  • Prioritizing initiatives based on business needs and requirements.
  • Serving as a liaison between stakeholders and users.
  • Managing competing resources and priorities.
  • Monitoring deliverables and ensuring timely completion of projects.


Product Associate / Business Analyst Requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree in business or related field.
  • 1-2 years experience in business analysis or a related field a plus.
  • Exceptional analytical and conceptual thinking skills.
  • The ability to influence stakeholders and work closely with them to determine acceptable solutions.
  • Advanced technical skills.
  • Excellent documentation skills.
  • Fundamental analytical and conceptual thinking skills.
  • Experience creating detailed reports and giving presentations.
  • Competency in Microsoft applications including Word, Excel, and Outlook.
  • A track record of following through on commitments.
  • Excellent planning, organizational, and time management skills.
  • Experience leading and developing top performing teams.
  • A history of leading and supporting successful projects.

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