Corporate Finance & Treasury Buyer

Leverage a single, AI-driven platform with a network of 75+ funders to improve your cash flow. Our holistic suite of working capital solutions include Invoice Digitization, Accounts Receivable Finance, Supply Chain Financing, Invoice Discounting, Securitization and Trade Credit Insurance, all on one platform with single-sign-on.

Connect your existing technology, funding network and suppliers onto one comprehensive working capital interface.

Taking nearly any data file, such as APIs, or even flat files and user input, InBlock leverages machine learning, AI, and OCR for Client Onboarding, Order Management, Invoice Management, 3-way Reconciliation, Cash Forecasting, Payments, and more.

Real-Time Digitization, Reconciliation & Risk Monitoring

We deliver what Corporate AR, AP, and Treasury teams have been sorely lacking – real-time data that synchronizes with upstream and downstream processes.

InBlock digitizes purchase orders and invoices and connects them to governance from SLAs and contracts. That smart data can then be updated as it travels through workflows, giving shared visibility and eliminating manual processes associated with tracking, managing, and reconciliation.

Our Position & Risk Monitor (PaRM) empowers you with real-time analytics to monitor the aggregate treasury portfolio and optimally allocate risk.

Corporate Procurement Buyer

Ensure you pay your suppliers on time, while committing to your company’s payment term policies. Supply Chain Financing and Receivables Financing programs help buyers accelerate business growth, while boosting their supply chain’s strength.

Our team will work with you to ensure sufficient credit is in place to scale up your program and extend into new locations and jurisdictions, as needed. We fuel efficiency from top to bottom, starting with segmenting suppliers to determine level of interest.

LiquidX offers procurement teams the ability to have a complete view of their supply chain in one view. InBlock seamlessly integrates into your ERP and digitizes every document and invoice, eliminating the need for manual processes driven by spreadsheets, paper, and phone calls slowing down the entire investment process.

Corporate AP Supplier

Corporate Accounts Payable Suppliers are able to leverage a wide range of tools through our streamlined and efficient technology.

Onboarding is a frictionless experience with our seamless integration capabilities and user-friendly dashboards. Open visibility and interconnectivity allows for strong, trust-based relationships with Corporate Buyers and Financial Institutions.

Tap into working capital cash flow with financing options, such as Accounts Payable and Supply Chain Financing.

Getting paid on time or early opens growth and development opportunities. Take advantage of attractive discount rates and an interface that provides flexibility on invoice discounts. Suppliers can toggle between their customers’ Supply Chain Finance and Dynamic Discounting based on their own needs.