Our industry leading technology solutions digitize, automate, finance, and insure over $135 billion in trade around the world.

Our Solutions

With the Best Tech in Fintech, we provide two fully interoperable next-generation technology products for Corporates, Financial Institutions, and Insurers: InBlock for digitizing and synchronizing working capital management, and LiquidX 360 for transacting across the financial supply chain.


InBlock transforms purchase orders, invoices, policies, and other assets into self-executing smart contracts that automate workflows to speed cash application and deliver cost savings across organizations. By digitally connecting all participants, InBlock delivers upstream and downstream visibility and holistic data to optimize the working capital lifecycle.   

Our platform offers maximum flexibility for buying, selling, financing, and insuring invoices. Operate within your own network or connect to our network of funders for Accounts Receivable Finance, Inventory Finance and Supply Chain Finance, with seamless binding of Trade Credit Insurance and Receivable Puts.

Serving the Entire Financial Supply Chain

No other solutions provide what LiquidX does. We connect all parties and products across the entire trade finance and working capital ecosystem.

Banks and Financial Institutions       

  • White label our next-generation technology
  • Get up to speed, quickly
  • Gain better transaction and portfolio visibility



  • Gain 5x ROI by automating workflows
  • Speed cash application
  • Connect upstream and downstream processes

Trade Credit Insurance       


  • Access the largest Credit Insurance market
  • Purchase Receivable Puts
  • Digitize policies for easy management

Why LiquidX?

We digitize and automate workflows to significantly increase working capital productivity and gain insights never before possible.

End-to-End Solutions.

We power all aspects of working capital, trade finance, and trade credit insurance. Our clients decide whether to implement a single solution or our entire product suite.

Our Team is Top Notch.

Whether you are a banker, a financial director, or an insurance expert, we speak your language and understand your needs. And our tech team is second to none.


There’s No Better Tech.

We are proud to hear our clients tell us we have the best tech in fintech. Our solutions are configured for quick implementation and to scale with our clients.







Backed by Broadridge

Broadridge, a trusted global fintech leader, is LiquidX’s largest committed investor and strategic operational services provider for payment processing, account reconciliation, back-up services, and global operational scalability. Working together, we enable our clients to effectively scale with no additional overhead.
LiquidX leverages Broadridge’s core competencies for the following benefits:
  • Financial Strength and Certainty: Broadridge is a global public fintech company with annual revenues over $4 billion and a market capitalization of over $15 billion.
  • Trust and Security: As the back-office provider for 19 of 24 primary dealers, Broadridge processes over $8 trillion per day in fixed income and equities, which requires the highest information and security standards. LiquidX follows the Broadridge standards for information security and privacy.
  • Dependability and Scalability: Broadridge’s services are mission-critical for many industries. Broadridge has the scale and business model to help companies solve common problems with reliable, scalable technology and data solutions.


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