The most advanced solution in working capital, trade finance and insurance.


The most advanced solution in working capital, trade finance and insurance.

LiquidX provides the industry’s leading technology solutions for origination, financing and distribution of trade finance and working capital assets. With the Best Tech in Fintech, we provide two fully interoperable next-generation technology products for corporates, banks and insurers: InBlock for digitization of corporate assets, and LiquidX 360 for financing and insuring trade finance assets. Since inception, LiquidX has managed and processed $100+ billion in cash management activity on behalf of our clients with no losses, delays or defaults.

InBlock is a digital asset servicing platform for Corporates, Banks, and Insurers. InBlock ingests and digitize corporate assets, such as a purchase order or invoice, and links relevant parties via custom workflows for updating, modifying, servicing and analyzing these assets.

InBlock leverages blockchain technology and integrates with existing systems to offer Order Management, Invoice Management, Reconciliation, and Cash Forecasting in one holistic solution.

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The LiquidX 360 platform is the most advanced solution in trade finance and working capital, featuring access to Accounts Receivable and Supply Chain Finance, with seamless binding of Trade Credit Insurance and linking to assets bought on the platform.

The Position & Risk Monitor enables real-time monitoring of aggregate risk, and embedded Business Intelligence capabilities enhance reporting and analysis.

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Broadridge, a trusted global fintech leader, is LiquidX’s largest committed investor and strategic operational services provider for payment processing, account reconciliation, back-up services, and global operational scalability. Together, LiquidX and Broadridge streamline working capital and trade finance workflows and enable our clients to effectively scale with no additional overhead.

As a Broadridge-Backed Company, we leverage Broadridge’s core competencies for the following benefits:

  • Financial Strength and Certainty: Broadridge is a global public fintech company with annual revenues over $4 billion and a market capitalization of over $15 billion.
  • Trust and Security: Broadridge provides core business services at scale for many large institutions. Broadridge is the back-office provider for 19 of 24 primary dealers and processes over $8 trillion per day in fixed income and equities. For this reason, Broadridge has the highest information and security standards. LiquidX as a core partner follows the Broadridge standards for information security and privacy.
  • Dependability and Scalability: Broadridge’s services are mission-critical for many industries. As such, it has become a dependable industry utility partner not just to companies but to industries. Broadridge has the scale and business model to help companies solve common problems and advance common goals with reliable, scalable technology and data solutions.








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Accelerate your digital agenda and maximize working capital through LiquidX’s next-generation products for Corporate treasury. InBlock digitizes corporate assets, such as purchase orders and invoices, to give shared visibility and eliminate the manual processes by combining functionality across the order-to-cash process through four modules: Order Management, Invoice Management, InMatch for reconciliation, and Cash Forecasting.

To further optimize the Treasurer’s working capital, we offer a holistic suite of working capital solutions including selling AR, Supply Chain Financing, and purchasing Trade Credit Insurance through our industry leading LiquidX 360 platform. By combining the two products we’ve created the first digital ecosystem for origination, transaction management, and financial management of working capital assets.


Stakeholders across the Insurance value chain can leverage our end-to-end digital credit insurance ecosystem through the LiquidX 360 platform, streamlining processes associated with securing capacity and managing policies. Policyholders are able to digitize policies in the InBlock Vault, link them to the assets they cover, and track performance in real time.

We make access easy for policy holders and brokers, to streamline new submissions for cover, removing much of the painstaking administrative work that diverts from revenue generating activities. The digital relationships created in our ecosystem help to mitigate E&O risk through automation and streamlining of the brokerage workflow.


We’ve built the most comprehensive and best-in-class set of technology solutions for origination and distribution of trade finance assets. With our partner Broadridge, we power your bank to provide working capital solutions to corporate clients in Accounts Receivable, Supply Chain Finance, and Trade Credit Insurance in a single, intuitive interface.

Our white-label offering, the LiquidX Partner Program (LPP), eliminates the barriers to entry for launching a full service trade finance business through our turn-key solution automating front, middle, and back-office processes. For banks with existing trade finance infrastructure we can deploy individual modules of LiquidX 360 or InBlock, allowing you to transact with your clients in a private, branded environment.


By joining our platform, you can access trade finance assets with the same level of transparency and ease as with commercial paper. We built LiquidX 360 to enable institutional investors to fund trade finance assets in a single platform and a single legal agreement, plus seamless bundling with trade credit insurance to meet required yield and risk profile.

For investors with no prior trade finance investing experience, we work with clients to develop a customized portfolio which meets their risk-adjusted return hurdles. Investors can leverage our platform resources to implement strategies with minimal-to-no additional capacity or headcount needed.

LiquidX has the tools, technology and platform to smartly advance and grow your business.

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