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Trade Finance Solutions for Business Growth: Low Risk and Steady Returns

Trade Finance Solutions for Business Growth

by LiquidX

Growing a business is more than just about increasing revenue. It also often gives birth to innovation and increased credibility in the marketplace. Some companies seek new markets or expansion of their current product or service lines. Though each business leader’s specific reason for pursuing growth varies, the range of benefits can be seen by all. 

Tapping into Trade Finance Solutions to Power Growth 

When evaluating resources to fuel business growth, smart leaders of financial institutions often look to building an accounts receivables (AR) business. Trade finance solutions represent a low risk and steady return asset class. 

Scaling a business isn’t without its challenges, however. Many financial institutions struggle with inefficiencies and costs that prevent their ability to increase revenue without incurring a significant financial drain. LiquidX empowers financial institutions to establish and grow successful AR initiatives that eliminate these challenges. 

Combined with our partner Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: BR), our industry leading technology gives financial institutions the resources they need. Our white-label offering eliminates the barriers to entry for launching a full service trade finance business through our turn key solution automating front, middle and back-office processes.

Scale Your Business Efficiently on Day One

  • Automate workflows to manage and process AR trading and reconciliation
  • Quickly implement the platform with configurable global user access enablement
  • Focus on origination activities rather than operations support

Decrease Cost, Increase Operational Stability

  • Inject geographic stability and resiliency to support your growing business
  • Automate trade finance operational processes heavy with manual tasks
  • Leverage the scale of Broadridge’s footprint to support your business needs

Better Manage Risk

  • Gain real-time visibility into all aspects of your portfolio
  • Distribute assets to optimize funder utilization and reduce exposure
  • Use credit limit management and invoice validation for facility compliance

Streamlining Operations with LiquidX

Trade finance software has come a long way in facilitating day-to-day operations and enabling people to simply do more business. Through our modular solution, LiquidX digitizes, normalizes and automates the management of trade finance assets.

Automated Reconciliation

Utilize digital three way matching technology to focus on exception management for assets.

Seamless Connectivity

Use no code setup to enable your clients to implement swiftly, to expedite your growth.

Big Picture View

Enjoy consolidated data from internal and external sources.

Easy Onboarding

Speed up the onboarding process with our digital onboarding experience for your clients. They can electronically upload documents, digitally complete agreements, and provide access across the team.

Visibility and Verification

Gain invoice visibility throughout the transaction life cycle.

Customer Success Story: Bank Scales their Trade Finance Solutions 

Huntington National Bank needed a solution to scale their trade finance infrastructure. They were looking to streamline trade finance operations and turned to LiquidX. 

Working off Huntington’s objectives, LiquidX provided them the tools they needed to position their customers for success in a competitive marketplace. Through LiquidX’s comprehensive solution, Huntington was able to better serve their customers at all points along the supply chain continuum. 

LiquidX gave Huntington the infrastructure necessary to scale their business and redeploy resources to more strategic work.

To learn more about LiquidX’s full capabilities and how it can help your institution grow, request a demo