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Euromoney Next Generation Treasury Podcast

InBlock’s Kristen Michaud joins the Euromoney podcast series, Treasury’s Tech Transformation. This 3-part series looks at how cloud technology, blockchain, and robotic process automation are upending antiquated ways of working for corporate treasurers. Hear from experts including Damian Glenndinning of CompleXCountries, Trish Fisher of WeWork, Chris Van Woeart of Stripe, and Shahmir Khaliq of Citi as they discuss the approaches treasurers are using to take advantage of new technologies to make the treasury function more efficient.

Episode 1: Treasury's Tech Transformation

Today’s treasurer is just as likely to be an expert coder or gifted engineer as they are an accountant or financial expert. But how does this new “breed” of corporate treasurer use new technology to best serve the companies they work for? 

Episode 2: DLT and decentralized finance – a workable solution?

Distributed ledger or blockchain technology and decentralized finance demonstrate a new way for information and assets to be exchanged instantly at a very low cost. So, can treasurers leverage this technology in their day-to-day – to share information between businesses, settle invoices, access supply chain finance or even improve their working capital?

Highlights from Our Bank Webinar Series

LiquidX CEO Jim Toffey gives an overview of what we like to call our “wing-to-wing” capabilities. Our vision is to connect all stakeholders in the entire working capital and trade finance ecosystem, helping banks streamline, automate, and grow by handling their clients’ business at scale.

Andrew Farnhill explains how banks can use our highly configurable solutions to book business at scale – tracking each and every asset – and gain valuable insights into your customers’ businesses. Understand dilutions, ageing, collections, and changes in the quality of your customers’ trade flows.

Kristen Michaud explains how InBlock transforms working capital through digitization and connected data. InBlock solves a huge pain point in working capital management – how to reduce the significant amount of paper and manual processes that create cost and complexity.

Todd Lynady describes our pioneering credit insurance capabilities from online quoting to digital policy management, explaining that users of our technology achieve a 40% increase in efficiency leading to reduced operating costs.