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Bringing Digitization to Your Supply Chain

Digitization of Supply Chain

LiquidX is the leading digitization platform for real financial assets. Using our patent pending InBlock technology, we digitize real business to business (B2B) financial assets such as invoices, insurance policies and loans. We aim to empower our corporate, banks and insurance customers to do business smarter, faster and cheaper than the current market conventions.

We believe this is the Decade of Digitization and that in this game changing era, we are going to lead the way.

To us, digitization means offering a customer a complete “turnkey” digital solution. Digitizing a real financial asset can be difficult, though. Broken down into a process, there are over 30 different steps and technologies that must be implemented together in order to be successful.

A simplified explanation of the process starts with us “ingesting” assets from multiple forms, such as spreadsheets, PDFs, APIs and even paper. Then we structure the assets into a proper data model with the help of smart contract logic. We then validate both the user, the institution and the asset. We offer workflows directly on InBlock, so that the right users can do their job in real-time and connect with any entitled party.

Now that everyone is connected and working on InBlock together, the real game changing benefits can start to happen. We can automate repetitive tasks, use AI to point out the data signals you should care about and make you smarter from a risk and compliance standpoint. Finally, should you want to, we can help get these InBlocked assets financed, insured, bought or sold.

LiquidX has spent three years developing and refining this process, ensuring InBlock has the capability to to elevate your business to the next level.

The Proofs of Digitizing Supply Chains

Corporations are recognizing that by digitizing their supply chains, they are able to streamline their treasury operations, improve cash forecasting and optimize working capital. They are ready to move past outdated, tedious processes that eat up time and resources.

For the most part, corporate supply chains are a web of invoicing, email, and EDI connections fed into an ERP. There is no uniform, organized digital platform that connects everyone together. Any changes made to invoices typically have to be manually updated into the ERP. Corporations become out of sync with real-time changes, which leads to expensive reconciliations and disputes. Furthermore, cash forecasting is not tied into the invoice level and can’t track or keep up with multiple changes.

By using a platform like InBlock, which sits alongside and integrated into the ERP, corporations can make fast progress in digitizing their supply chain. Every update, change and modification to purchase orders, invoices and credit notes are digitally linked to all relevant parties in real-time, automatically alerting them and updating necessary data.

The InBlock ledger performs the important job of keeping everyone in sync. This allows cash forecasting to become more accurate and updated in real-time. The tedious process of manually updating the ERP becomes obsolete as AI automates routine tasks. With time freed up, teams can use InBlock data mining tools to help your corporation become smarter with your data.

Once your supply chain is digitized, you can take your invoices from InBlock “to the bank” for better working capital solutions. It is not uncommon for companies that are in seasonal businesses to have a lot of cash one minute and need working capital access the next. With InBlock, LiquidX can empower you to lend into your digital supply chain when you have excess cash. Later on, when you need to borrow funds, you can easily borrow against your InBlocked invoices.

LiquidX Offers the Best Tech in FinTech

The industry is full of FinTech companies offering single web-based solutions with conventional workflows. At scale, this means that banks, corporations and insurance companies have to work with a roster of FinTech companies to stitch together an overall solution.

LiquidX has taken a more fundamental, broader approach to business than the competition. We have recognized that digitization is the future, but we still have to power existing workflows. Institutions want one, saleable solution to leverage when growing their business. Over the last three years, we have built the most advanced digital solution in the industry. While InBlock offers the most comprehensive end-to-end solution, it also provides turnkey modules to help you quickly start scaling your business with us.

Learn more about LiquidX’s InBlock platform and our other solutions that will help you work faster and smarter while delivering more value to the business. Contact us for more information.