Automate Your Back Office, Mitigate Risk, and Scale Up Liquidity to Meet Client Needs

Our automated distribution solution gives you the power to increase trade finance volumes while eliminating manual processes that are a source of delay, inefficiency, fraud risk, and error.

LiquidX is the only provider of fully automated origination-to-distribution capabilities.

Downstream Automation for Receivables and Payables Programs

Improve capital utilization, mitigate risk, and provide liquidity to support customers.


  • Single-click trading to your investor network under existing agreements or to the LiquidX network of over 50 funders using built-in legal infrastructure.
  • Select parameters upfront, including allocations and auto-acceptance.
  • See deep data intelligence, including appetite and pricing drive distribution decisions.
  • Centralized repository of all transactions for audit history.

Generate a 3-8 bp Price Improvement and Increase Productivity Gains by 30%

Improve Profitability

  • Drive origination and grow corporate programs
  • Source new liquidity partners through the LiquidX network of 50+ funders

Automate Processes

  • Achieve 30%+ productivity gains by increasing business flow without increasing cost
  • Eliminate manual work, freeing the team to focus on investor management and improved margins

Mitigate Risk

  • Leverage existing docs, or eliminate bilateral agreements via single LiquidX agreement
  • Automatically generate audit transaction history
  • Seamlessly integrate with loan management system to ensure system of record automatically updated

Increase Visibility

  • Centralize all investor relationship management, leveraging data insights for price optimization
  • Generate dynamic transaction reporting
  • Identify line utilization on a real-time basis with automated limit management dashboard