Convert your policy into a smart contract connected to the invoices it covers.

Quote and bind single buyer, portfolio & syndicated transactions online.

View coverages and exposures across all of your policies.

Discover the largest and fastest growing end-to-end digital Trade Credit Insurance platform globally.

The Trade Credit Insurance ecosystem loses over a billion dollars per year due to process inefficiencies, lack of transparency, and human error. Our pioneering digital Trade Credit Insurance platform allows all market participants to reduce risk, increase efficiency, and scale through automation.

Bring your Trade Credit Insurance Portfolio Online with LiquidX.

Convert your policy to a self-automating smart contract linked to the invoices it covers.

  • Verify that receivables are eligible for coverage
  • Confirm debtor autenticity via direct API to DUNS
  • Track performance of each invoice in the Covered Assets Dashboard
  • Automate required reporting workflows
  • Seamlessly integrate with insurers via API

Request quotes digitally on the largest global credit insurance platform.

  • Use existing or pre-agreed policy wordings
  • Access capacity from all your insuring partners in one place
  • Seek coverage for single names or portfolios and syndicate cover across multiple carriers to diversify risk
  • Capture trading data across debtors and insurers to inform future transactions

Access 360 degrees of trading, insurance, and risk on one screen.

  • Visualize current utilization and available limits as well as unused capacity in the future
  • Fully configure to your requirements with bespoke cross sections for your business
  • Accessible across your organization for real-time, data-driven decisions
  • Set up customized feeds and reports for unprecedented insights into insured and uninsured portfolios

LiquidX Insurance Partners

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Delivering Automation and Efficiency for Clients Across the Trade Credit Insurance Ecosystem.


LiquidX offers Insurance Brokers a secure, customized and branded portal to manage all client activities.

By automating the above manual workflows, you gain more efficient and streamlined interactions between you, your clients, and carriers for greater transparency and smarter processes. Digitize and automate the entire lifecycle of a policy from initial submission to claim filing, including:

  • Sanctions Screening
  • Application
  • Quote preparation and presentation
  • Policy Binding
  • Sales, Past Due and Claim Reporting

Our platform utilizes the most technologically advanced APIs to help you manage submissions, policies as well as monitor limits and exposure in real-time, for all your clients across all insurance carriers on one centralized platform.

By partnering with LiquidX you can:

  • Refocus your team’s time and efforts into revenue generating activities like origination, relationship management and client service.
  • Automate and streamline manual, resource intensive policy management workflows.
  • Mitigate operational risk and E&O exposure by verifying receivables are eligible for coverage by digitally cross-referencing policy terms and conditions and the authenticity of endorsed buyers to minimize disputes and ensure policy compliance.
  • Capture data associated with client activity to optimize business intelligence to better serve your clients and maximize your and their results in the market.
  • Increase efficiency and reduce operating costs upwards of 40% over the initial three-year period.

Most importantly, our fee model does not require up-front implementation, build-out, upgrade or maintenance costs. All platform administration is managed and maintained by LiquidX too, enabling you to focus on your business while keeping our collective economic interests aligned.

Asset Managers

In a low interest rate environment, and the short-duration, self-liquidating nature of receivables trade finance offers an attractive alternative to traditional credit investments.

The LiquidX 360 platform originates, validates, and administers insured A/R trade finance programs for Asset Manages allowing you to minimize risks and maximize returns.

Originate: LiquidX has a team of dedicated relationship managers in direct contact with corporate suppliers looking for receivables financing. We work with you to curate your portfolio, including yield requirements, currencies and jurisdictions. Our relationship approach ensures that funding relationships are established for the long-term, ensuring a consistent flow of assets.

Validate: Our platform validates every invoice that is uploaded for financing. Based on the parameters set-up in platform, we can tell you which assets are suitable for you, which are not, including insurance verification and eligibility for policies stored in the InBlock Vault.

Our digital engines ensure that invoices presented are for eligible suppliers, debtors, within maximum tenor requirements, and in approved jurisdictional currencies. We are also able to track payment status of a financed invoice enabling you to stop-purchases if an account is past due ensuring compliance under your Trade Credit Insurance policy.

Administer: Post Trade Settlement powered by Broadridge.

Every invoice financed in the LiquidX platform is tracked in real-time in our post trade settlement system. We provide customized reporting to help you to administer your facility and fulfill reporting requirements under your Trade Credit Insurance policy. We can provide real-time visibility into the health of your portfolio and use the data captured to develop analytical tools and business intelligence that can help inform future business decisions.

Our Trade Credit Insurance solution can help you:

  • Mitigate risk
  • Obtain third-party unbiased credit opinions on account debtors or suppliers
  • Facilitate Financing with your leverage provider


Unlike other insurance products Trade Credit Insurance can be leveraged not only as a risk mitigation tool, but also an instrument to increase sales, enhance credit facilities, improve cash flows, and support your credit management function.

At its core Trade Credit Insurance provides protection against bad debt losses and political risks. This allows you to improve cash flow by accurately budgeting premium costs versus trying to forecast a potential bad debt loss and enables you to release bad debt reserves.

Many banks utilize Trade Credit Insurance as “loss payee”. This may allow you to increase working capital by including, once excluded, export receivables and excess concentrations in your borrowing base or obtain more favorable terms due to the enhanced security the insurance policy provides your lender.

Trade Credit Insurance can also complement and support existing credit procedures by obtaining third party unbiased credit opinions on new or existing customers as well as gaining access highly specialized industry and country personnel employed by your insurer.

If you are entering new industries or emerging markets Trade Credit Insurance can help you safely expand into them by offering more favorable credit terms while eliminating the need for expensive letters of credit.

Trade Credit Insurance is an innovative and multi-faceted risk management tool which help you to navigate risk in an increasingly unpredictable world.


Risk transfer provided by credit insurers is vital to the success and stability of trade financing globally.

According to the Berne Union and ICISA, the International Credit Insurance and Surety Association, private trade credit insurers and export credit agency’s support and maintain approximately $4.5 trillion in short term notional exposure at any given time. This coverage is essential to ensure banks and corporates can trade without undue pressure on liquidity or cashflows.

Underwriting at this scale requires an enormous amount of information. While financial information is relatively easy to obtain, payment information is not. Payment information is typically limited to backward looking data with lag time as high as 90 days. Insurers have virtually zero visibility into the real-time payment performance of insured receivables assets until something goes wrong and, in many instances, when it is too late.

LiquidX together with InBlock digitizes and moves this asset class online, allowing Insurers to digitally associate insurance policies with the invoices or assets they cover, offering unprecedented transparency and greater insight into insured transactions.

Once your risk portfolio is digitized insurers can better track actual exposures in real time enabling more efficient use of capacity and coverage as well as obtaining immediate notifications when capacity is free or when payment has not been received as expected.

This enhanced visibility into capacity may allow you to more efficiently utilize capacity and potentially increase written premiums by as much as 20%.

Since digitization allows you to get real-time updates on the status of individual invoices, from purchase order to payment, we can develop alerts and early warning signals based on transactional data which allows you to minimize insured disputes over eligibility, reduce legal expenses and leverage this data to more efficiently adjust claims.

What Is Trade Credit Insurance?

Trade Credit Insurance protects B2B accounts receivable against non-payment risk.  Non-Payment risk falls into two categories, Commercial Risks and Political Risks.

Commercial Risks include Insolvency such as Chapter 11, or equivalent in an account debtor’s country, and Protracted Default which is the account debtor’s failure to within a specified period from the due date.

Political Risks include receivable losses due to, but not limited to, Nationalization, Confiscation, Expropriation (CEN), Embargo, Revocation of Import License, Currency Inconvertibility, Transfer Risk, Non-Honouring of a Sovereign obligation and Political Violence.

Receivables PUTs

Receivable PUTs are typically used when there is limited or no coverage available in the Trade Credit Insurance market.  PUTs offer non-payment protection in the event a B2B account receivable is unpaid due to the bankruptcy of their customer.  Unlike a Credit Default Swap, the purchaser of the PUT must be a vendor to the entity and have a bona-fide obligation due from the bankrupt entity.

Full Range of Contracts Supported

Whole Turnover

  • Entire portfolio
  • No selectivity
  • Domestic and export

Key Account(s)

  • Insured selects accounts
  • No adverse selection
  • Specific size/type of customer or product line

Receivables Purchase Programs

  • Recognizes lender as the insured
  • Corporate originator
  • A/R servicing remains with originator

Top Up (Excess of Primary)

  • Coverage is provided excess primary insurance carrier
  • Capacity reasons, not credit quality


  • Leverage multiple insurers to fill capacity gaps for larger contract specific single buyer transactions.

Receivable PUTs

  • Uninsurable risk underwriting by non-insurance entity
  • Obligation must be ‘signed over’ to provider
  • Learn more about PUTS

LiquidX is the pioneer in building the world’s first digital Trade Credit Insurance platform. We believe that over the next 3-5 years, 50% of this asset class will be originated, managed, and transacted online. ​Since Q4 2018, we have:

Requested Over $5B of Limits…

On 1,000+ Credits…

And bound over $1B limits

This is a great opportunity to expand distribution for the trade credit insurance industry and enhance transactional speed and efficiency for clients.”  Michael Kornblau, US Trade Credit Practice Leader, Marsh

LiquidX’s new electronic trade credit insurance marketplace will make the purchase of insurance more efficient and accessible. Euler Hermes is pleased to launch this exciting partnership with LiquidX to deliver this innovative solution to our new, existing, and future customers.” James Daly, President & CEO, Allianz Trade Americas

“We’re pleased to partner with LiquidX. The electronic marketplace for trade credit insurance is an innovative solution which stands to deliver industry wide benefits and we’re very happy to play a central role in its creation.” David Huey, President & Regional Director, North America, Atradius