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Trade Finance’s Position in the Evolution of Globalization

Leverage fintech to accelerate growth.

In this eBook, we discuss:

  • The growth of globalization and its relationship with trade finance
  • Why fintech companies need to become more agile and capable of pivoting
  • What to consider when finding a fintech partner to grow with them
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As supply chains become increasingly more global and diverse, disruptions and challenges have a much greater impact on the stability of a company.

Relying on only a few suppliers opened companies up to failure during times of shutdown.

Many businesses turned to diversifying their supply chains and near-shoring in recent years as a means to inject resilience into their strategies.

This led companies to question their trade finance partners’ abilities to keep up with their portfolio expansions. Could fintech providers provide the necessary scale and solutions to service a global supply chain?

Companies are seeking fintech partners who have the funding network and technical support to handle large-scale global supply chains – with room to grow and adapt alongside the business.