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2023 State of Supply Chain Finance: Expert Perspectives

Build a path to better business.

In this eBook, we discuss:

  • The impact of new accounting disclosure rules for Supply Chain Finance
  • True digitization and its long-term effects on business scalability
  • Supporting your supply chain with digital investments
GBI LiquidX - 2023 State of Supply Chain Finance Cover Page

As supply chains find their footing in 2023, a wide array of changes and disruptions have risen to challenge a business’ stability and ability to pivot.

From new disclosure regulations on supply chain finance programs to the effects of disorganized supply chain management rearing its head, businesses are looking for solutions to help them not only stay afloat, but adapt in this changing environment.

Turning to SaaS providers who can help streamline management and manual processes from the top-down has become more popular. Particularly now, as the trade finance industry becomes more aligned with digital innovation.

Investments in digitization and automation are beginning to outpace the complex manual processes of before. That shift will only lead to better efficiency, lower risk, and improved savings.