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About the Client:

A Fortune 500 oil producer with international operations, produces and ships large oil cargoes to customers around the world. With each vessel being approximately $100M, the nature of the transactions creates substantial counterparty risk and utilizes significant working capital.


The client wanted to improve working capital metrics by implementing a true-sale receivables program which reduced counterparty risk and accelerated cash. With a large group of relationship banks, they wanted to establish a program that encouraged wallet-share and provided a standardized way to work with their desired bank group.

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In choosing LiquidX, the company was able to leverage a single legal framework and digital platform in which all their banks could participate. This reduced the number of legal agreements they needed to establish and standardized the approach with every bank.

The legal documentation and technology account for unique aspects of commodity trading, with capabilities to accommodate floating price transactions while continuing to achieve off-balance sheet treatment.

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The client was also able to segregate their technology and legal infrastructure from the funding pool, eliminating any single point of failure and providing continuity should the bank group change and grow.

  • One legal agreement
  • Control over tech and legal
  • Spread wallet share
  • Eliminate single point of failure
  • Grow liquidity pool
  • Scale globally

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