End-to-End Digitization & Treasury Management

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Experience the turnkey front-to-back solution.

Connect all your scattered data points into one place to see the past, present, and forecast future cash flow.

InBlock digitizes, automates, and optimizes order-to-cash and procure-to-pay processes, along with adding:

Cash flow forecasting & predictability


InBlock transforms purchase orders, invoices, policies, and other assets into self-executing smart contracts that deliver upstream and downstream visibility to optimize the working capital lifecycle.

Take advantage of leading-edge technologies and a global partner network to streamline every transaction.

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Flex needed to automate its manual processes and digitize its transactions in order to connect its data across systems for better visibility and cash forecasting.


The LiquidX platform digitized all documents and automated matches, saving on back office “rekeying” resources and costs, streamlined approval process, and presented an early payment option to their suppliers.